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Expat Homes (Pvt.) Ltd.

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(+94) 077 772 0453
#394, Welivala Road,
Kotikawatta 10620, Sri Lanka.

Terms and Conditions

To owners, buyers, tenants and investors

These terms and conditions are to have a good relationship in between Expat Homes (pvt)Ltd hereinafter referred as "The Company" with the property owners, tenants and investors (here in after referred as "The Client")listed with the company.

Agreeing for this terms and conditions you are able to,

  • Use the services offer by The Company
  • Advertize your property(s) on The company website and manage it
  • Advertize your property(s) requirement on the company website and manage it
  • Find a buyer or tenant for your property
  • Find a property for your needs

Agreeing for these terms and conditions, you are bound to,

  • Only deal with the authorized person(s) allocated to the Client by the company
  • Not to misuse any details on the company website
  • If the allocated agent/person shows the property to any party, the client has to use only the company to do necessary negotiation or any other matter. Afterwards the client cannot use any other outside agent/person to use for the same prospective owner, buyer, tenant or investor
  • If the photos taken by the company, the owner not allowed to use same to advertized in any other websites using those photos

Fees and other expenses applicable,

  • All the web adverts and other media adverts are free of charge for the owner
  • All the services free of charge for the buyer, tenant or investor. All the commission born by the property owner
  • If the company found a successful buyer for the property the company will charge owner a 3% commission from the sales value
  • If the company found a successful tenant for the property, the company will charge owner a equal One (01) month rent at the execution of the tenancy agreement, as the commission, if the rental period more than one year.
  • Short period rentals, the company will charge 10% commission from the amount for the period, the tenant stayed.
  • For investments, the company will charge 3% commission below rupees 100,000,000/- (rupees hundred million) investments and over rupees 100,000,000/- (rupees hundred million) commission will be 2.5%.

The company will not use owner's data for third party advertisements or any other use. Only for the company related updates and other matters. We may disclose owner's data if any legal requirement arises.

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